Finding duplicate photos on your computer can be an overwhelming task especially when you keep a large collection of photos on your computer. This is where duplicate photo finder software come in. By using duplicate finder software like Any Duplicate Photo Finder, it can simplify the whole process and save lots of your time. Within a few clicks, Any Duplicate Photo Finder can accurately find all the duplicate photos that being saved on your computer. In the following tutorial, we'll show you how to quickly find duplicate photos on your computer by using the Any Duplicate Photo Finder software. Download Any Duplicate Photo Finder and follow the simple steps below. 

    Install Any Duplicate Photo Finder

    Run the downloaded setup file and follow the step by step instructions to install Any Duplicate Photo Finder. After the installation, double click on the software icon on the desktop to open it.

        Step 1: Select Folders

        Click on the Select Folders button. From the screen that appear, select the folders that you would like to find for duplicate photos. You can also repeat the same step to add more folders. 

        Select Folders

        Click on the Scan button to start finding for duplicate photos.

        Scan for duplicate photos

          Step 2: Finding Summary

          After the finding, Any Duplicate Photo Finder will summarize the finding results. It will show you the number of photos scanned, duplicates found, number of duplicate groups and the total spaced used by the duplicate photos. Click on the Step 3 Fix Duplicate to view and manage the duplicate photos.

          Scan Summary

            Step 3: Manage Duplicate Photos

            In the final step, Any Duplicate Photo Finder will organize all the duplicate photos in a managable view. To manage the duplicate photos, select the photo from the list and right-click. From the menu that appear, select one of the available action.

            Manage Duplicate Photos

            Get Any Duplicate Photo Finder

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