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PDF stands for Portable Document Format , the file format developed by Adobe for electronic document exchange. The PDF file format is one of the most common file formats in use today due to it save the document as read-only format to prevent readers from editing its content. So, if you would like to extract, edit, or share the contents of a PDF file, you can convert it to a JPG format by using Zarage PDF to JPG Converter. This software can easily convert PDF to JPG file format. We'll show you the steps in the article below.

    Install PDF to JPG Converter

    This tutorial will require Zarage PDF to JPG Converter software. You may download it here . Once downloaded, open and follow the screen instructions to install the software.

        Step 1: Add PDF File(s)

        Click on the Add button and select the PDF file(s) that you would like to convert.

        Add PDF File(s)

          Step 2: Click Convert

          Click on the Convert button to start converting PDF to JPG. 

            Step 3: Start Conversion

            The conversion will be started. Upon completion, Zarage PDF to JPG Converter will automatically open the converted folder.

            PDF to JPG Conversion

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