Copy Files to Multiple Folders  is useful for those who wish to copy a set of files and folders to multiple locations simultaneously in an effortless manner. Unlike the old-fashioned way, Copy Files to Multiple Folders provide a total new experience of copying files and folders.  You can also specify whether to keep or overwrite the existing files and save the project file for later use. Here's the tutorials for using Copy Files to Multiple Folders.

    Install Copy Files to Multiple Folders

    Click here to download the software. Once you've downloaded the software, run the setup file to install Copy Files to Multiple Folders.

        Step 1: Select Source File(s) and Folder(s)

        Click on the Add button and select the source files and folders that you would like to copy.

        Select Files and Folders

          Step 2: Select Target Folder(s)

          After adding the source files and folders, click on the Add button on Copy To Folders and select the destination folders. 

          Select Target Folder(s)

            Step 3: Click on Copy Button

            Click on the Copy button and the program will start copying files and folders to the destination folders. Check the overwrite checkbox if you would like to overwrite the existing files. 

            Copy Files Folders

            Get Copy Files to Multiple Folders

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